A Maya MEL script which enables the user to easily create gradient/ramp textures/maps for a polygon object and then render them to texture. The script is based on creating procedural shading based on a ramp texture node which is controlled by a samplerInfo node which feeds worldPosition data. The procedual shading allows the user possibility to tweak the ramp to the shading to his content. Once the user is happy with the shading you just run the script again to render the shading to a texture based on the models UVs.

The head used in the feature image is the freebie model head by Lee Perry-Smith.

Highlight Features

  • Makes a otherwise lengthy task achievable with as little as two MEL-calls and a button click.
  • Is based on procedural shading which allows customization.
  • Automatically detects models size bounds and scales the ramps reach to fit your model.
  • Can be used in all three dimensional directions (XYZ)


Showcase Video