cubeMapCycler Python script for Maya

I wrote this script since I wanted to encourage my students at school to be able to more easily find the right cube map for their game art project to get the best look.

What this tool does is it speeds up the process of cycling trough a folder(and sub-folders) of cube maps(.dds textures). There’s also a “Rotate Cube” slider to easily rotate a cube map to see if it fits your needs. The “Rotate Cube” slider feature will only work with shaders that take a .cubeRotation float input attribute, my latest TGA PBL does (v0.3.6).


Here’s the script.
Download the script here (For TGA PBL CGFX shader)
Download the script here (For TGA PBL ShaderFX shader)
Here’s a demonstration video showing the script in use. The model in the video is created by Ronja Melin.