Python script for level editing in Maya

These are three Python scripts for Maya which work together to add simple level editor like features to Maya. I created these to learn more about authoring Python scripts for Maya and also to work as useful tools for my students at The Game Assembly.


Highlight Features

  • Batch importing of Collada files
  • Filter out collada files on import based on user defined string
  • Automatically adds a custom attribute on imported objects which holds the file path for where the file is located. This is formated as a relative path.
  • Add extra custom attributes to imported objects
  • Set global attribute values to the imported objects custom attributes. This is done by custom namespaces based on the collada file names.
  • Set unique attribute values on specific objects
  • Export all object data (positions, rotations, scale, etc.) to external file, including the custom attributes the user has defined.


Showcase Video

All of the models and textures show in the video are created by the student group “Seldom Seen Games” for their project “Astro Droids