MayaToCubeMapGen Script

This project initially began with the urge to try out the QT implementation of Maya, specifically using the bundled QT Designer application in Maya 2012. I came up with the idea of simplifying and speeding up the process of rendering your own images from within Maya to later process into a Cube Map in ATI’s CubeMapGen software.


  • Creates 6 90-degree-fov-cameras with the click of a button. (X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, Z-)
  • Renders and saves an image from each of the cameras using your own render settings and method. (actually renders from the render view window)
  • Allows the user to easily set the desired cube side resolution directly from the script GUI.
  • Pre-tweaked and oriented cameras to directly match CubeMapGens default Face orientations, ie. no missmatching sides.


Showcase Video