TGA Physically Based Shader

A Physically Based Lighting CGFX real-time shader for Maya which was originally created to be used by our students at The Game Assembly for their 3D game projects. This shader uses a few different textures which differ from the traditional specular, gloss and reflectivity. For reference and discussion of this shader please visit this thread on the polycount forum. A big thank you to my colleague and friend Niklas Hansson whom I initially created this shader together with.

Highlight Features

  • A real life material based fresnel term that alters specularity and reflections.
  • A substance texture to mimic how materials reflect and refract light in real life.
  • A roughness texture to define a materials surface structure(smooth/rough).
  • Image based lighting via a cube map for reflections and ambient lighting.
  • Roughness controlled pre-blurred mip levels of the cube map for reflections.
  • Blended Normals to give a subtle skin effect in conjunction with normal maps.
  • Emissive Texture to fake emissive surfaces.
  • Fully linear shading pipeline.
  • A bundled cheat sheet image with color swatches for several substance values.
  • Shadow Map(pre-baked) support fully integrated with the shader (This feature is experimental and only works with one direct light source).
  • Transparency support through the Albedo texture alpha channel.
  • Energy conservation between ambient light and reflections.